Community Programs

Teatro Dramma Improv and acting for Kids program

The kids program is established to help students embrace improvisation and boost their self confidence in their innate talents.

the instructors assist students find their own path to creativity and play on stage.

The workshop program emphasizes instinctive play to develop confidence, enhance listening and speaking skills and build trust among team mates.

additionally, students learn skills for ensamble dynamics and basic acting, this skills developed and explored in the workshop classes build confidence and self esteem.

the workshop is designed for students to introduce them to solve problems through inspiration and innovation. the exercises are created for anyone who wants to learn the essentials of acting, learn to think quickly on their feet, learning to react and respond to unexpected situations building confidence,  improving relaxation, cooperation, fitness, team work and creativity. 

this exercises include vocal and physical warm ups, creative performance games and short form scene-work.

students explore and deepening their understanding of the craft of acting and strengthen important life skills.

our classes are held in a highly supportive,safe and creative enviroment with expert guidance.

each class begins with invigorating warm up.

class time follows for two lively hours of interactive instruction in voice, movement, character development and more.

the final hour is spent bringing to life various aspects of theatre such as design, improvisation, singing etc. it is something different every day.

the workshop concludes with students sharing their work on stage in a demonstration  for family and friends.

More Programs

Radio programs promoting art and culture in the Los Angeles and Bakersfield  community. Stop Ahi Program. At Radio Latino mix. 

Our latest stage production Citizens of gray play, created a positive impact on society. With the purpose to teach society but in an entertaining way. 

in 2018 and 2019 Teatro Dramma has donated various grants to low income art students to be part of the Stella Addler acting workshop.  These workshops helped to create a drastic change in the life of these young students and getting them involved in projects by teaching them acting, production and in growing and executing their artistic ideas. 

Teatro Dramma Provides Kids acting course in the  Los Angeles  and Bakersfield areas to help kids embrace improvisation and boost their self confidence in their innate talents. 

Currently Teatro Dramma is finishing the streaming Clown project with the purpose to entertain families within community. 

It is in our plan to continue growing in art programs for low income families and provide these programs throughout Los Angeles and Bakersfield areas.